Champion types

The first step to choosing an Eye of Terror warband is to choose the Champion who will lead it. The choice of Champion will influence the shape of the warband.

Chaos (Marine) Aspiring Champion

The ‘standard’ Chaos champion for 40k. Can follow any of the Gods, and will have mostly ‘Malleus’ followers.

Aspiring Champion4444142103+

Starting points: 30. 1 point Malleus roll. 2 points Hereticus roll. 3 points Xenos roll.


A more normal human leader who has turned to Chaos, like a Cultist leader or Traitor Guard officer. Can follow any of the Gods, more likely to have ‘Hereticus’ followers.

Demagogue333313285+Command radius 12"

Starting points: 40. 2 points Malleus roll. 1 point Hereticus roll. 3 points Xenos roll.

Radical Inquisitor

An Inquisitor who may still think he is doing the Emperor’s work, but has gone too far down the path of using Chaos. May only be ‘Undivided’ (since he doesn’t really know what he’s doing). Will have a mixture of followers.


Starting points: 30. 2 points Malleus roll. 2 points Hereticus roll. 2 points Xenos roll. Note that some choices may not seem appropriate for an Inquisitor, but you can just model them as something similar e.g. a Daemonhost instead of a Lesser Daemon, a Renegade or seconded Space Marine instead of a Chaos Marine.

Dark Eldar Sybarite

Nasty sadistic Xenos. Usually follows Slannesh, and probably has mostly ‘Xenos’ followers.


Starting points: 35. 3 points Malleus roll. 2 points Hereticus roll. 1 points Xenos roll.

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