Eye of Terror 2

A Realm of Chaos conversion by Edward

Eye of Terror 2 attempts to update the old Realm of Chaos books to the current Warhammer 40,000 rules in an ad-hoc way. There is a vast amount of detail in the old books, but you don’t need to know it unless you actually roll up that result on one of the many random tables, so the idea is you start rolling and convert rules as you go.

This requires that the players enter into the spirit of the game, which is that nothing is going to be that well balanced due to the randomness involved. Deciding on spur-of-the-moment rules conversions isn’t going to change that.

That said, here are some conversion guidelines (I’ll add to these as I work through some samples)

Conversion Guidelines and Campaign notes

I’m trying to resist the temptation to adjust all the old rules for balance – instead, try to stick as closely as possible to the original, even when it seems pretty extreme.


Instead of trying to convert over the old profiles, look at the name and choose a modern profile for an equivalent troop type. Profiles haven’t changed much since 3rd Edition so if necessary we can go back that far.


Realm of Chaos makes heavy use of Beastmen. They use the Mutant profile from 3rd Edition Eye of Terror Codex.

Unit Type: Infantry
Special Rules:
Squad Sizes

In some cases Realm of Chaos refers to ‘a squad’ – in that era all squads in army lists were of fixed sizes. For the conversion, use a minimum size squad with no upgrades.

Special Rules

Troop types will generally start with the special rules and unit type that go with their profile.

The Chaos Renegade / Champion automatically gains the Independent Character rule if they don’t already have it.


Unless otherwise stated, troops have the standard equipment that goes with their profile. They may take any options from their Codex entry that cost no points. (Ignore the part of the retinue rules which gives Flak/Mesh armour and standard weapons to all choice). The aim here is sticking somewhat close to the current model line, rather than trying to balance choices

There are some special items of equipment added.

Chaos Armour
Chaos Armour grants a 3+ Armour Save, a 5+ Invulnerable Save and the Adamantium Will special rule.

Instead of using the [0,1,2] table, starting warbands automatically get 3 rolls on the Renegade follower table. This helps ensure they start at roughly similar sizes.

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