Khorne Warband

Sample warband generation 1.

I choose to use the Chaos Renegades profile table, and my patron will be Khorne.

  • First roll 64 – Human
  • Second roll 91 – Rogue Trader

There is no current profile for a Rogue Trader but an Inquisitor can be regarded as similar enough.

Rogue Trader4433343104+
Unit Type: Infantry (Character)
Special Rules: Independent Character, Stubborn

Starting Gift – the original Gift for Khorne followers is a suit of Chaos Armour, but per the current Codex: Chaos Space Marines this is replaced by the Mark of Khorne, which grants the Rage and Counter Attack special rules.

Starting Attribute roll 645 – Mindless
This is not a good roll since it automatically turns my Champion into Chaos Spawn. I will re-roll.

Re-roll Attribute roll 522 – Irrational Fear
How many things D6 – 1 = 1
Extent D6 – 5 = Fear +2/Terror
What? D100 – 12 = GM’s choice – I’ll choose some race after I’ve found out what is in his starting warband

In the current rules, he’ll be subject to the Fear special rule with a Ld modifier of -2. (But the modifier is cancelled out by his Stubborn rule).

Renegade Follower Table roll 1 – 53 – 2D6 Humans
Count = 6

These will use the normal Imperial Guard profile

Unit Type: Infantry
Special Rules:

They have Flak armour, Lasgun, CCW, Frag grenades.

One gets to roll on the Heavy Weapons table – 56 = Multi-laser

Renegade Follower Table roll 2 – 51 – 2D6 Humans
Count = 7

As above.

One gets to roll on the Heavy Weapons table – 12 = Heavy Bolter

Renegade Follower Table roll 3 – 32 – 2D6 Coven Members
Count = 7

These are best treated as Cultists, though as stated in Slaves to Darkness they have no starting equipment. Instead they get to roll for Chaos Attributes.

Coven Member33331317-
Unit Type: Infantry
Special Rules:

StD says “up to the patron power’s number of attributes”. Khorne’s number is 8, so up to 8. I interpret “up to” as meaning I can roll each one and stop when I am satisfied with the models.

Coven attribute roll 1 – 225 = Bulging Eyes
Appearance only – no rules effect

Coven attribute roll 2 – 960 = Warp Frenzy
_This is quite a complex rule which depends on Frenzy which doesn’t exist in the current ruleset, and adding more Attributes_. A simple way to represent this is to give the Coven Members some of the Chaos Spawn rules – Fear, D6 Attacks, Rage, Mutated Beyond Reason

Coven attribute roll 3 – 965 = Warty Skin
+1 to Armour Save Handy since they didn’t have any armour

Coven attribute roll 4 – 219 = Brightly Patterned Skin
Appearance only – no rules effect

Coven attribute roll 5 – 139 = Bestial Face
Roll D10 – 1 = Face of Patron’s beast – choose Fleshhound or Dog

Either way gives +1 A but guess what, we already replaced 1A with D6 so let’s leave it at that.

Final stats:

Coven Member333313*76+
Unit Type: Infantry
Special Rules: D6 Attacks, Fear, Rage, Mutated Beyond Reason

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