Commissar Cain

Commissar Ciaphas Cain appears in a growing series of novels and stories.

Recurring Characters

Cain himself could be represented as either a Commissar or Commissar Lord depending on the size of game. He is referred to as wearing Carapace Armour, and fighting with laspistol and chainsword. He tries to cultivate a caring image with his troops, so would not usually use the Summary Execution rule.

Gunner Jurgen
Cain is nearly always accompanied by his aide Jurgen, who is best represented as a Guard Veteran. Jurgen often carries a Meltagun. Jurgen is also a psychic blank, which could do with some special rules…

Command Vehicle
In some stories, Cain and Jurgen drive around in a Salamander Scout vehicle. Cain likes to have a pintle Storm Bolter fitted.

Amberley Vail
Vail is an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos. She is known to have used Digital Weapons. Her henchmen include Mott, a savant, and the psyker Rakel.

Fight or Flight
Cain is assigned to the 12th Valhallan Artillery Regiment. Their equipment is largely Earthshaker guns (Basilisks) with some supporting troops.

The opponents in this story are a Tyranid invasion, including Gargoyles, a Hive Tyrant and doubtless other creatures.

For the Emperor
Cain gets himself transferred to the newly combined 597th Valhallan Regiment.

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